Size Adjustable Purlin Roll Forming Machine With After Cutting 

Size Adjustable Purlin Roll Forming Machine With After Cutting
Product Features And Descriptions
Color Steel tile, is to use color coating steel plate, the roller of roll forming into various wave type pressure plate, it is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure roofing, wall and external decoration of the house, etc., have qualitative light, high strength, colour and lustre is rich, convenient construction, earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof, long life and free maintenance etc, has been widely applied.
Working flow
Uncoiler--Feeding--Leveling--Roll-forming--Hydraulic-cutting--Output table
Product Parameters

1 Big frame 350mm H profile steel
2 Chain 2 inches
3 Main motor power 8#11kw planet reducer
Hydraulic power unit 7.5kw
4 Material of wheel Die steel
Hardness of wheel Keep 62-64,Punching process after processing
5 Medium plate 18mm
6 Main forming 12 rows
Fine adjustment Two pair
aligning 1 row
leveling 9 rows
7 Lateral wheel positioning 4
8 Material of main shaft 45# steel with hard chrome plating
Diameter of shaft 80mm
9 Hydraulic twist off and cutting 1 ( Cr12 die steel with Punching process)
Punching side hole 1
10 PLC 1
11 Suitable material Galvanized steel coil
Width of material 194-372mm or customized
Thickness of material 1.5-3mm or customized
12 Working speed 8-10m/min
13 Size 8500*1350*1510mm
14 weight About 5.6T
15 Voltage 380v 3phase 50hz
16 Working time Can 24 hours by 1-2 workers

Machine components


Uncoiler 1 set
Main roll forming machine 1 set
Punching machine 1 sets
Control box 1 unit
Hydraulic station 1 unit
Out table 500mm 2 units


Machine picture

After sale services
1.Engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer’s factory.
2.The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible to bear expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD80 for engineer per day.
3.During this guarantee period, we will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, we will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price.
4.We will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond 2 years and provide long-term technical guide.

1. Does one machine can only produce one size?
Not exactly, it depends on which profile the customer want to produce.
2.Do you have after-sales technical support?
Yes,we are happy to give advice and also have skilled technicians available to maintain the machine overseas to customers’ workshop if needed.
3. You are trading company or factory?
We are Manufacturer, and we export our machine by ourselves.
4.How long the machine could be made?
Normally speaking, high precision roll forming machine could be made out with 40 working days.If you need machines in hurry, we can make it for you less than a month.
5. Do you provide customized?
Sure, we can design the machine according to the requirement and profile drawing you provide. Our engineers can offer the best professional solution to our worldwide clients.
6. May we visit your factory?
Sure,Warmly welcome to our factory at any time.
7.How to visit your factory?
By high speed train from Shanghai to East Wuxi (Wuxi Dong station), half an hour.
8.What's the warranty period?
12 months warranty period, starting from the date of the successful installation and commissioning of the equipments at the Buyer’s Installation site.
9.Can we arrange shipment?
Yes, sure, we can arrange shipment for our customers and provide door-to-door service.

 Best Regards
 Andy Yang
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Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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